• Tagliatelle from Bologna (with ragu sauce)
  • Vegie lasagna from Liguria
  • Orecchiette from Puglia(small pasta with Broccoli sauce)
  • Tiramisu        

         MENU PASTA 2

  • Fish lasagna 
  • Agnolotti from Turin (pasta filled with ricotta and spinaches)
  • Risotto milanese (famous creamy yellow rice with saffron and parmisan from Milan)
  • Sorbetto from Sicily   (frozen lemon dessert )

               MENU 3

  • Tortellini from Bologna  (pasta filled with ham and meat)
  • panzerotti from Bari     
  • ( deep fried pocket of dough with mozzarella and ham)
  • eggplant filled with meat from Naples
  • panna cotta

        Menu 4

  • Crostini from Tuscany (Different kind of bruschetta with meat,tomatoesor vegies)
  • Pasta con le sarde from Sicily  (The most famous pasta with fish sauces)
  • Abbacchio from Rome (baby lamb)
  • Cannoli from Sicily  (dessert with ricotta and candied fruits)

      Menu 5

  • Sorrento'gnocchi    (potato dumplings with mozzarella and tomato sauce)
  • Cod fish Veneto style with polenta(fish cooked with milk and onion combined with corn flour puree)
  • Grilled radicchio from Verona with smoked chese
  • Pears in red wine (cooked with wine,sugar cinnamon and cloves)

           Menu 6

  • Gnocco fritto  with Parma ham (dough fried in lard)
  • Tortelli from Modena  (pasta filled with pumpkin )
  • Caponata  from Sicily  (eggplant and sweet pepper)
  • Profiterols


                      All the recipes of the menu are freshly made and cooked by the guests with Aurora's help