Who and Where

Come to my home, cook with me , dine and socialize.

Aurora is your Chef and host to your cooking class in her private house in Milan. Learn some of the traditional Italian recipes and dine with the masterpieces you created. Enjoy your evening accompanied by great wines, espresso coffee and limoncello liquer.

Chef Cooking Class Milan

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s private house and eat with him….the people who give you their food give you their heart.

Aurora was born in Genova, but her parents came from Puglia, a region of Southern Italy. The family of her husband is from Tuscany, so she grew up with different culinary cultures and influences. She worked as chef in different restaurants in Milan and abroad, such as Australia and Peru, and currently she come back in Milan to teach what she learnt.

Toady Aurora is the founder of Cookandine, and currently ranked number one on Trip Advisor! Thank you all for sharing her passion in her private house in Milan.

Where / Contact:

Corso Lodi 132 -Milano Mobile +39 3407184754
If you come by Metro, stop in Corvetto, Just 5 metro stops from Duomo, yellow tube.

See you in my kitchen in Milan!

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