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.."The art of cooking well: mix toghether food, knowledge, tradition, history and hospitality. Season with cheerful and creativeness. Share your masterpiece with friends,  family and....
a good glass of wine! ".....

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Cook and Dine is a cultural association to improve the knowledge of traditional italian recipes

 abroad.To join our club it's necessary to attend our cooking session . Then every member  

will receive recipes,certificate and a newsletter about traditional recipes to cook.

Aurora was borned in Genova, but her parents came from Puglia and her husband's family

from Tuscany.  She attended a  cooking school in Milan,where she meet her husband and then

she worked in Italian restaurants in Sydney,Australia.Now she lives in Milan,where  she like to

"open the door's house" to friends and family to enjoy her recipes.She has a daughter that lives

in London and sometise they  organise cooking class there.