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Choose three recipes to cook. Milano cooking class

Cookandine offers a cooking class in Milano where you can choose your recipes to cook. During our cooking lesson, you learn how to make the most traditional homemade recipes from all over regions of Italy. The cooking class takes place in Milano, the center of town. After two hours of cooking lessons, chef Aurora and chef Lucrezia serve you dinner with good Italian wine, limoncello, and espresso coffee. A different evening to cook together, dine and socialize.
Chef Aurora teaches you tricks and tips to make good fresh pasta and different sauces. Different ways to cook meat and fish or veggies depending on the region of the origin of the recipe: this is Italy! Then we can do a lot of kinds of pizzas and panzerotti but also we will cook desserts for instance! Look at my pages of recipes and you will see different kinds of dishes: not only pasta!

You will do your own portion of the recipes without having previous experience. On request, we also have recipes for vegetarians or food intolerants. Our cooking classes in Milano are taught by Aurora and Lucrezia who are professional chefs and provides lessons in English. You can choose your recipes to cook!

At our cooking class in Milano, you will receive all the recipes in English and a certificate to remember this fantastic cooking experience.

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Cooking Classes in Milano from Monday to Sunday, all year round.

The morning class is at 11.00 am or the evening class is at 5 pm. Groups range from two to ten people.

You can choose the recipes to cook! Look at the menu page and CONTACT ME AT:

Market Tour and Cooking Class:

Shop at the farmer’s market with chef Lucrezia. Buy and taste some of the local produce. At the end of the tour, you will head to our location where we start the Milano cooking class. After that, there is lunch with your masterpieces accompanied by some great wines!

The market tour begins at 9.30 am and is available only on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Special class for a special occasion:

We are available to organize private cooking classes for anniversaries, bachelorettes, birthdays, and kids’ sessions.

Cook can be tailored to your request. Tel:+39 3407184754

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