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Cooking classes for large groups and team building in Milano.

From a private house to a professional location where we can host cooking classes for large groups. We can offer a private cooking class for two people till team building. Team cooking Milan it’s the name of our Company to do cooking classes for team buildings.

In the big location, we can host large groups of up to 100 people. Everybody will cook his own portion of the recipes in a big kitchen close to the center of town in Milan. If you wish to know more about our large group cooking classes, see our website https://teamcookingmilan.com/.

team building cooking class
Our location and professional chefs

Cooking classes for large groups: more guests, more chefs, more fun!

Cooking classes for team building and large groups require more chefs, that will follow the guests throughout all the chosen recipes. We will decide what to cook depending on your taste and what you like about Italian cuisine.

We welcome our guests with a Prosecco drink. The chefs will explain the menu to cook and the large groups will be divided into smaller teams. Each participant will go through all the stages of the chosen recipes to cook. After two hours of cooking class, all of the chefs will serve dinner or lunch and the guests are invited to the dining area. Here the dinner will be served with all the recipes cooked before. Relax and socialize while enjoying the masterpieces that you did it. The meal will be accompanied by some great wines, soft drinks, coffee, and Limoncello liquor at the end.

If you are interested in organizing Italian cooking classes for team buildings or large groups you can contact us here.

Our aim is for people to enjoy our culinary culture and to learn together!